1、How can the enterprise participate in the expo?

Firstly, the exhibitors can log on the official website of Organizing Committee of Nanjing International Consumer Goods Expo (www.nicge.com) and register online. We will reply to those registered companies in time. Secondly, the exhibitors can call our specialists responsible for exhibition invitation and register for the exhibition and then download the application form on our official website. Fill in it according to Exhibition Notice. After stamping an official seal on the application form, please mail or fax it with your qualifications of exhibition to Organizing Committee Office of NICGE or the agents who are authorized by us.

2、What is the procedure of exhibition for participating enterprises?

(1) After receiving your online registration or exhibition application form, the Organizing Committee will examine exhibition qualifications of the enterprises. A letter of confirmation and a letter of commitment will be sent to you after the passage of examination. The exhibitors will pay 50% deposit within 10 working days. The principal of allocation of booths is: The earlier your deposit payment is, the better you can get the booth.

(2) After receiving the deposit, the Organizing Committee will confirm booth place according to the application size of the exhibitors, the sequence of registration and so on.

(3) The exhibitors need to download Exhibitor Manual on the official website and read it carefully. Exhibits transportation, document application and other service applications need to be done on your request.

(4) For all special booths, exhibitors and their construction teams must go to coordinated- department to handle the declaration procedures of drawing blueprint before Oct 20, 2018. Please submit the following documents for examination: booth design sketch, floor plan, structure plan, drawing blueprint in electronic version, circuit diagram and electricity consumption materials.  


(5) Exhibitors should bring the booth confirmation letter on Nov.7 to Nov.8 from 8:30 to 17:30 to the Expo to have the badge and start the booth construction.

Expo Add: No.300 Jiangdong middle road (West gate entrance, the size 4m height and 5m width)

(6) The exhibitors need to pay the remaining 50% of exhibition fee before Oct 31 , 2018 and send the remittance payment receipt to Organizing Committee office as soon as possible.

Q&A Food & Beverage Online's report of NICGE Favorable Booth Price

Exhibitor Notice

1、Exhibitor Qualifications
A、The exhibitor must be the company which legally registered under applicable law for at least 3 years (including 3 years) in other nations or regions outside Chinese Mainland. The exhibitors must provide copy of certificate of incorporation or other valid documents for certification.
2、Booth Confirmation
A、The exhibitor must not transfer his assigned booths or exhibiting spaces partially or wholly in any way to a third party. Otherwise, Organizing Committee has right to remove his exhibits and cancel its participation. Exhibitors themselves or the third party shall be responsible for the incurred cost and loss.
B、Under specific circumstances, Organizing Committee reserves the right to distribute the booth, adjust booth layout and its standard size.
3、Regulations of Intellectual Property Right
In order to protect the legal rights of the exhibitor, all samples on display shall be specified about their intellectual property rights. The exhibitor must obey China's Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, other laws and regulations about intellectual property rights and other relevant regulations about international intellectual property right agreements that China is involved in. Organizing committee has right to remove its exhibits and suspend its participation if the exhibitor is found to exhibit infringing or counterfeit products.
The application form is valid with signature done by the legal representative and an official seal stamped on it.
5、Power of interpretation
The power of interpretation of the regulations mentioned above belongs to Organizing Committee of the expo.
6、Remittance account specified by Nanjing International Consumer Goods Expo:
Account holder:Jiangsu High Hope Convention & Exhibition Corp.
Bank of account:Bank of Jiangsu, Nanjing Chengnan Subbranch
Account No:31010188000042081
7、Organizing Committee of Nanjing International Consumer Goods Expo
Contact:Guo Yiqing, Zhang Chan, Wang Yu
Tel:025-52236107 52327613 86891110
Address:35F, Jiangsu International Trade Building, #35 Zhong Hua Road, Nanjing    Zip code:210001
Email:guoyiqing@ nicge.com zhangchan@ nicge.com Official Website:www.nicge.com