Exhibition Venue


    Built in August 2000, Nanjing International Exhibition Center is located between the scenic Xuanwu Lake and Zijin Mountain. With its beautiful shape, modern facilities, magnificent volume and complete functions, Nanjing International Exhibition Center has become an iconic city in Nanjing. building. Nanjing National Exhibition covers an area of about 126,000 square meters with a total construction area of 108,000 square meters. It is a large-scale intelligent exhibition hall built according to the functions of contemporary international exhibitions. It integrates exhibition, conference, trade, information, entertainment and catering, and has the ability to host international exhibitions and national nature fairs.





    Nanjing International Exhibition Center is strategically located, 45 kilometers away from Nanjing Lukou Airport, 16 kilometers away from Nanjing South Railway Station, and has high-speed direct access; 3 kilometers away from Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge; only 1 kilometer away from Nanjing Railway Station and Nanjing Bus Terminal There are more than 40 bus lines nearby. The Xuanwu Lake Tunnel and the Jiuhuashan Tunnel link the National Exhibition Center to the city center. The entrance and exit of No. 2 Xinzhuang Station of Nanjing Metro Line 3 is located at the north side of Gate 6 of Nanjing International Exhibition Center. It will be exhibited at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center, and the exhibition will be very convenient.


    Nanjing National Exhibition Center is a multi-functional and large-scale intelligent exhibition venue. The indoor exhibition hall has a total area of 45,000 square meters and can accommodate 2,200 international standard booths. In addition, there are two outdoor exhibition halls on the east and south sides of the main building, which can accommodate 672 international standard booths. The full coverage of free WIFI has been realized inside and outside the pavilion, which has brought great convenience to exhibitors and visitors.


    Nanjing National Exhibition Center has a large conference function. On the third floor, there are VIP meeting rooms and lounges, with a total area of about 400 square meters, and a column-free multi-purpose hall with an area of nearly 3,000 square meters. It can hold large international seminars, exchange meetings, lectures and conferences for 2,000 people. It can also host cocktail parties for more than a thousand people, cold meals, large parties, various celebrations, and large wedding receptions. The three-storey viewing hall has a total area of 1,400 square meters, with Zijin Mountain in the east and Xuanwu Lake in the west. It can hold various dining activities, and can also set up a large-scale fashion show for the stage. There are 20 business negotiation rooms on the second mezzanine floor of the pavilion, with a total area of about 1,700 square meters. It can hold 20-200 people in various forms of negotiation activities.


    Nanjing International Exhibition Center has a professional exhibition operation team. Since its completion in August 2000, Nanjing International Exhibition Center has been an important platform for Nanjing's convention and exhibition industry. It has successfully undertaken many international and domestic exhibitions and conferences, including the 6th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Conference, China Medical Device Fair, China Tourism Fair. China Knitted Cotton Trade Fair, National Auto Parts Trade Fair, China International API, Intermediates, Packaging, Equipment Fair, National Motorcycle and Accessories Fair, China Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Energy Expo, International Wall Roofing Materials Production Equipment Expo, etc. And some high-level, large-scale regional exhibitions, including China Nanjing Cultural and Creative Industry Fair, Jiangsu International Auto Show, Asian Outdoor Products Exhibition, Nanjing International Buddhist Artware Exhibition, Jiangsu International Food Expo.

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Exhibitor Notice

1、Exhibitor Qualifications
A、The exhibitor must be the company which legally registered under applicable law for at least 3 years (including 3 years) in other nations or regions outside Chinese Mainland. The exhibitors must provide copy of certificate of incorporation or other valid documents for certification.
2、Booth Confirmation
A、The exhibitor must not transfer his assigned booths or exhibiting spaces partially or wholly in any way to a third party. Otherwise, Organizing Committee has right to remove his exhibits and cancel its participation. Exhibitors themselves or the third party shall be responsible for the incurred cost and loss.
B、Under specific circumstances, Organizing Committee reserves the right to distribute the booth, adjust booth layout and its standard size.
3、Regulations of Intellectual Property Right
In order to protect the legal rights of the exhibitor, all samples on display shall be specified about their intellectual property rights. The exhibitor must obey China's Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, other laws and regulations about intellectual property rights and other relevant regulations about international intellectual property right agreements that China is involved in. Organizing committee has right to remove its exhibits and suspend its participation if the exhibitor is found to exhibit infringing or counterfeit products.
The application form is valid with signature done by the legal representative and an official seal stamped on it.
5、Power of interpretation
The power of interpretation of the regulations mentioned above belongs to Organizing Committee of the expo.
6、Remittance account specified by Nanjing International Consumer Goods Expo:
Account holder:Jiangsu High Hope Convention & Exhibition Corp.
Bank of account:Bank of Jiangsu, Nanjing Chengnan Subbranch
Account No:31010188000042081
7、Organizing Committee of Nanjing International Consumer Goods Expo
Contact:Guo Yiqing, Zhang Chan, Wang Yu
Tel:025-52236107 52327613 86891110
Address:35F, Jiangsu International Trade Building, #35 Zhong Hua Road, Nanjing    Zip code:210001
Email:guoyiqing@ nicge.com zhangchan@ nicge.com Official Website:www.nicge.com